Wilfried A Kisling


Wilfried Kisling is a research associate at the Faculty of History, University of Oxford. Originally from Frankfurt, Germany, he studied International Business Administration in Germany and Spain. Interested in the idea of studying economic development in the long run and from historical perspectives, he received his PhD in Economic History with honors from the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid, Spain and he was a visiting student at the University of California Davis and the Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien. He was a research assistant in several projects on economic and political history in Europe at the University Carlos III and the University of Barcelona. His research focuses on the role of finance in the international advancement of trade, in particular on foreign banks and commerce in Latin America in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. In his current research within the UPIER project, he studies the history of foreign debt defaults in Latin America, emphasizing the question if and how the event of previous defaults influenced a bank’s decision to (re-)lend to a country and on what terms.